Engage in Ecotourism with AsinaraFun

Sailing Responsibly: Our Commitment to the Island of Asinara At AsinaraFun, our love for the sea goes beyond simply exploring its crystal clear waters. It is a profound respect for the nature that surrounds us, a constant commitment to protecting and preserving the marine environment of Sardinia and, in particular, of the island of Asinara. This summer, join us on a journey of responsible discovery, where every wave surfed is a step towards safeguarding our precious "blue gold".

Eco-sustainability on board

Our vision of ecotourism translates into concrete actions: from the use of completely biodegradable soaps, detergents and surfactant detergents from Allegrini EcologicAll, chosen for their minimal impact on the environment, to the selection of products made with raw materials of vegetable origin or renewables. These daily gestures reflect our desire to offer an experience that respects the sea and all its creatures, protecting the biodiversity that makes Asinara such a special place.

Educational Experience

The AsinaraFun crew doesn't just guide you through the blue waters of Asinara; we are here to share our knowledge and passion for marine conservation. Through informative materials and personal stories, we will show you how small gestures can make a difference, inviting you to become active custodians of this unique ecosystem.

A Step Forward Against Plastic

Our commitment also includes the fight against the excessive use of plastic. We opted for reusable glasses, plates and cutlery, completely eliminating straws and plastic bottles on board. This choice not only reduces waste, but also raises our guests' awareness of the importance of adopting more sustainable practices in daily life.

Towards a Green Odyssey

AsinaraFun's Green and Eco Friendly philosophy is rooted in our DNA. From the beginning, we have been committed to a path that places attention on the environment and the goal of minimizing human impact on the natural wonders of the island. The magic of being pushed by the wind, always preferring the use of sails to the diesel engine, not only reduces pollution, but enriches the excursion with the silence and peace that only nature can offer.

Join Us in Mission Green

AsinaraFun invites you to take part in an adventure that goes beyond simple navigation: a journey of awareness and commitment towards more responsible and environmentally friendly tourism. Together, we can help preserve the beauty of Asinara for future generations.