Help us protect the wonderful sea of Sardinia, Asinarafun is proud to safeguard the wonderful waters of the island of Asinara again this summer.

Our commitment also concerns the consumption and choice of ecological and eco-sustainable materials such as completely biodegradable surfactant soaps, detergents and detergents Allegrini Ecologic All, produced with raw materials of vegetable origin or from renewables. This is our intent to protect marine species and the sea, our blue gold, which we love so much.

From the very beginning of our business we have undertaken a Green and Eco Friendly path with great attention to the environment and the goal of polluting less and less.

We will also try to use the sails as much as possible with the help of the wind, both to minimize the use of the Diesel engine, but also to make you enjoy the magic of the wind that accompanies us lightly during our excursion.

In order to preserve this unique ecosystem, we have minimized the plastic on our boat by using glasses, plates, cutlery in reusable materials, eliminating plastic straws and bottles altogether.


All this will be further supported by your crew who will tell and show you, with materials on board, during navigation.