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We recommend taking the panoramic road that you will find on the right a few meters after the ” Le Tonnare ” village. This road leads directly to our pier, you will be able to see our catamaran moored as soon as you enter the village.

There are some free parking spaces right in front of the pier, however in high season it will not be easy to find a place nearby, so we suggest arriving early to be sure to find a place. There are parking lots, always free, near the municipal cemetery, about 300 meters from the meeting point.

Our catamaran is approved for up to 12 passengers plus 2 crew members.

The minimum number of participants to be able to take an excursion is 4, while for the exclusivity there is no minimum number. Max 12 people.

The price includes an aperitif based on cured meats and cheeses; a lunch based on fish, wine, beer, water and soft drinks and snacks; fuel and a stop on land in the Asinara Park.

Sure! We have life jackets and floating tubes that allow anyone to swim. When the weather conditions allow it,we can anchor in shallow water where you can touch the bottom.

Absolutely yes! Our catamaran is very stable and safe, with large spaces where children of any age can enjoy the excursion in total safety.

Unfortunately not, we love animals but the type of excursion, the spaces, and the rules of the Park do not allow us to bring our pet friends with us. In case of exclusivity will we be able to evaluate this possibility together during the negotiation.

The exclusive mode includes a wide range of possibilities and services that we can offer you, so we recommend that you contact us for a quote based on your requests.

The excursion starts at 9.30 and ends at 17.30, for a total of 8 hours. We will try to be as punctual as possible during the return to respect the commitments of our guests.

Our catamaran is the only one that is blue in color, practically impossible to confuse. It is also clearly visible from the street!

With a notice of at least 24 hours you will be refunded the money without any penalty. However, if possible, we will try to postpone your booking to the earliest possible date.

Of course, you will be given the opportunity to choose a menu suited to your needs upon notice.

In the event that the weather conditions do not allow us to carry out the excursion, other useful dates will be proposed, in the event that we are unable to find one, the guests will be fully refunded.

Our catamaran is very stable, the oscillations caused by the waves are almost imperceptible. In any case, the itinerary always varies according to the weather conditions, allowing us to always choose the most peaceful route. We also have bracelets available to help to eliminate seasickness.

A classic beachwear is enough. We also recommend that you bring a beach towel, sunscreen and a hat.

The boat is moored in the piers of the Nautica Benenati, in the old port of Stintino, we will meet in the kiosk of the port and we will leave from the pier adjacent to it. Upon request, we will send you the location via Whatsapp half an hour before departure.

Sure! By choosing the exclusive mode you will have all the catamaran for yourself.

Sure! By taking the catamaran exclusively you have the possibility to choose any itinerary you want, obviously requests will be accepted by the skipper if the weather conditions allow it and if they respect the disciplinary rules of the Park – Marine Protected Area.

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