A description of the magnificent coves that we are going to visit

During the excursion, four swimming stops and a stop on the ground to visit the park are guaranteed. The itinerary varies according to the weather conditions and the decisions of the skipper.

By taking the catamaran exclusively you have the opportunity to choose any itinerary you wish, obviously requests will be accepted by the skipper if the weather conditions allow it and if they respect the disciplinary rules of the Park.


Porto Minori

Meeting point in Stintino

Our catamaran is moored in the piers of Nautica Benenati, in the Minori port of Stintino, the oldest and most characteristic port in the country.

The meeting with our guests will take place in the bar adjacent to the piers, after a good coffee and a pre-excursion briefing to allow us to know each other better, we will be ready to sail.



La Pelosa
swimming break

The only one that needs no introduction, with its iconic tower, fine white sand and crystal clear waters that blend with the sky, La Pelosa is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean sea.

For this reason we cannot help but take you to this corner of paradise, to make you live and immortalize one of the most exciting moments of your holidays.


Cala Grande

swimming break

It is the largest cove on the Piana island, an islet located between Asinara and Capo Falcone, a natural harbor that shelters us from the winds blowing from the west.

With its emerald green water and a flat coast it is one of the few stops that allows us to anchor in extremely shallow waters, where even those unable to swim can swim.


Piscine Naturali

swimming break

Already from the name you can imagine the spectacle that this stop will offer us, which obviously will be one of our main stops.

The various shades of turquoise colors of these waters and the characteristic tower of the Piana Island make this place one of the most loved and photographed frames by our guests. The Natural Pools are also a very popular place for our dolphin friends.


Cala Spalmadori

swimming break

Have you ever bathed in a completely deserted beach in company of some White Donkey? <br>This stop allows us all this.

Located south of Asinara, it is certainly a place of absolute relax. The mooring buoys very close to the coast allow our guests to easily reach the beach by swimming to photograph the donkeys and bathe immersed in the silence of this magical place.


Porto Mannu

Sea Outside

Here the cliff facing the Mistral falls sheer to the sea and the deep waters and rocky bottoms create a unique landscape that only “mare di fuori” can give us.

A stop that allows us to admire an area of the island where the winds dominate nature, where only mouflons, wild goats and birds of prey find an ideal habitat. In fact, it will not be difficult to spot some specimens.



Stop on the ground

We will dock at one of the most important piers of Asinara, the Fornelli pier.

Once used by the penitentiary police patrol boat for the changing of the guard, it remains today one of the most important accesses to the island that allows us to visit the former maximum security prison, in the company of white donkeys and wild horses that live in this area.


Punta Barbarossa

swimming break

The legend tells that Asinara was the home of the famous pirate Barbarossa, from which it takes its name the cove in the southwestern part of the island.

The low and granite coast gives us an extensive panorama that includes the entire passage of the Fornelli and the plain of the Castellaccio, where approximately 170 wild horses graze there permanently.


Punta Galetta

swimming break

The jagged coast on the sea, interrupted by small beaches and the granite bottoms rich of fish, molluscs and starfish make this stop unmissable for snorkelers and nature lovers.


Punta Marcutza

swimming break

As the rest of the island, this area is also under the strict protection of the Natural Park. The mixed seabed between sand and rock gives those who immerse themselves in these waters the opportunity to admire a spectacular variety of marine flora and fauna.


Cala Reale

Stop on the ground

A safe and sheltered landing place where the white donkeys who live in this area will certainly welcome us.

A shore that allows us to visit the various structures, in particular the Royal Palace, the Maritime Hospital, once used for quarantine, and the CRAMA (Asinara Marine Animal Recovery Center) where we will see sea turtles.


Cala Barche Napoletane

swimming break

In a cove located on the eastern side of Punta Trabuccato, there is one of the most beautiful and evocative beaches on the island.

A fascinating and characteristic white sand fills the shallow waters of this corner of paradise. Between diving and relax we will have time to immortalize these magnificent moments in a place of rare beauty.


Cala D'Oliva

Cala D'Oliva
swimming break

A small village north of the island, once inhabited, which hosted judges Falcone and Borsellino while they worked on the maxi action against the mafia. A few meters away are the central branch and the bunker that was built for the detention of Totò Riina.

We will take a dip in the past and experience a piece of history that characterized Italy in the last century.